Jobs First Employment Services (JFES)

Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) is a program for Adults and Out-of-School minor recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families that helps them gain and maintain independence from federal and state financial assistance by providing employment, education, training services, and case management and the necessary skills needed to secure employment by the 21-month expiration of benefits. All participants receive assistance in preparing and looking for a job, transportation assistance, and help with payment for childcare.

Two of the programs available to JFES participants are:

Work Experience/Subsidized Employment is a program that works with TANF recipients with little or no work experience to become and remain independent of cash assistance. Participants are placed in subsidized employment in both private and public sectors earning wages while they engage in hands-on expereiences at the worksite. Employers are encouraged to directly hire the participant upon successful completion of the work experience opportunity. Employment Specialists work closely with employers and participants to address any concerns and arrange for any support services that may be needed.

Individual Training Vouchers (ITV) is a program for TANF recipients who are interested in training that will help secure employment and that will help them become independent of cash assistance. Participants can receive up to $4000.00 for any training that is listed on the WIA approved providers lists.

Pam LaRosa (JFES Coordinator): 203-574-6971 x457