Waterbury Construction Careers Initiative (WCCI)

Waterbury Construction Careers Initiative (WCCI), also known as the Northwest Construction Careers Initiative, strives to reach out to Waterbury residents in the interest of recruiting individuals for career opportunities in the construction building trades. The system brings together community-based organizations, direct-services providers such as the American Job Center in Waterbury, the local school system, the building trades and other community groups to achieve specific goals.

WCCI, which operates as a program within the Northwest Regional WIB, also administers the City of Waterbury's Good Job Ordinance- a local hire ordinance that requires publicly-funded construction contractors and construction-related projects to employ a certain percentage of Waterbury residents on project crews.

Orientation sessions are tentatively scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month, in order to register for one please contact Joe Diorio at 203-596-7463.