Team Success Scholars is a NRWIB Out of School program. It is hosted by Northwestern CT Community College. It is a close-knit cohort of first and second year students who readily depend on one another for guidance and support. This comradery is initiated when the students attend an overnight team building and leadership retreat, where activities challenge the group to think as a team, to support peer leadership efforts, and to challenge each individual to go beyond their comfort zone. Activities such as a high ropes course, giant swing, zip lining, a web wall, and canoeing challenges, require students to engage in problem-solving, decision making, responsibility, cooperation, while exploring self-discovery. The results are immediate and measurable.

 These students are easily identifiable on the NCCC campus as confident and connected - even in their first semester - emerging leaders readily engaged on campus as club members, ambassadors, volunteers, and student workers, as well as off campus in internships, conferences, and community service projects. This early engagement on campus and in the community is pivotal in retaining the student through graduation, enriching the academic experience while transitioning them toward professional success.