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The deadline for proposal submissions in response to the Request for Qualifications for an Agency to Provide One-on-One Literacy and Numeracy Tutoring Services to Waterbury American Job Center Participants has been extended to Friday, May 7th, 2021.


1/4/2017 - Answers to Bidder's Questions are now posted (Updated 1/18/17)

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Updated January 18, 2017

Question:  Are utilities janitorial postage phone included as part of the 1.8 million for WIOA or 750k for JFES?
Answer:    No, they are not included in either funding stream.


Question:  Will HSI case management be available to the winner if the organization isn't a community action agency?
Answer:     We will work with Community Action Agencies to secure HSI case management in the one stop if necessary.


Question:  Is the management of the technology infrastructure the responsibility of the WIB or the provider?
Answer:    The provider will be responsible for the IT management and its personnel. 


Question:  Of the $1.6 million for WIOA adults and dislocated workers, what percent should be allocated for each?
Answer:    This will depend on the final allocations but currently is 52% WIOA adults and 48% dislocated workers.


Question: Not sure how to exactly phrase this question concisely, but we are thinking of proposing an online AJC option for job seekers to interact with services and allow us to offer programming beyond traditional hours of the AJC.  However, this product is a Career Team product and we would need to lease this product and build into the proposal.  Is this allowable or would this need to be bid out?
Because it is a proprietary product this RFP precludes offering the product. We also did not ask for this as a part of the RFP specifications and would not be able to consider it at this time. However if NRWIB does want to purchase virtual one stop capability we would need to design specifications and then Career Team and anyone else would be able to bid.


Question:  Is there an additional budget narrative required, over and above including all the requested information on the provided budget forms?
Answer:    All costs must be explained on the non personnel cost sheet. New Sheets have been provided to allow costs to be budgeted by cost category and funding stream. Should proposer wish to provide additional information, they may include it on a separate attachment to the budget.
                 For profit must isolate/declare profit which will be separately negotiated and turned into a hard number as opposed to a percentage. Questions regarding individual expenditures will be negotiated with the selected sub-recipient.