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Q:  Should new web design reflect the current brand?. We assume the logo will be used without modification. Unless we hear otherwise, we’d assume the color palette would stay the same but could be used differently, depending on your design requirements.

A: The web design should reflect the current brand, the color palette would stay the same as the logo currently on our site.

Q:  Should we assume that all of the types of content currently on the site will be part of the new site, such as program pages, business services page, etc.

A: Yes, with modifications made as we work through the redesign and development process as necessary.

Q:  Will any types of content on the current site, not be included in the new site?

A: TBD during development

Q:  Will any new types of content be added to the new site?

A: TBD during development

Q:  Is there any video content on the site? Do you plan to add video content in the future?

A: Currently, no. This is something we’d be interested in integrating in the future.

Q:  Should we assume that the new website will have similar features as the current site, except redesign and rebuilt on a new CMS?

A: Yes.

Q:  Are there any features you would like to add to the new site that don’t exist on the current site?

A: Yes, some of which are identified in the RFP. This is also open to suggestion during development process.

Q: How many CMS admin user accounts / roles do you expect to need for the newly created website?

A: Two.

Q:  Are there any CMS specific publishing workflows we should be aware of and required to implement?  i.e. review / approval processes.

A: Yes, to be discussed during development.

Q:  Is there any need for a login, other than admins / content editors accessing the CMS?

A: No.

Q:  Is multilingual support needed for the site?

A: This would be ideal.

Q: Are there existing website examples that you feel reflect the goals you have set for this project?

A: https://spokaneworkforce.org/ ; https://www.seakingwdc.org/

Q:  Are there any budget requirements or guidelines we should be aware of?

A: See appendix A

Q:  For copywriting, do you plan to extensively rewrite content, touch up / fresh existing content, or write new content that doesn’t already exist on the site?

A: Yes we anticipate extensive revisions of current content.

Q: I can tell that your site is done with dot net and IIS, do you have a preference for technology stack in CMS or do you have an internal resources that manage and maintain it that need to be familiar with one? Or is it greenfield, we can give you whatever you’re looking for as long as we solve for the main business requirement – which is a website that is much more user friendly?

A: Any modern CMS platform will work for us.

Q: What platform is it now? Is it customizable?

A: Our website now is hard to edit and function. You aren’t able to center text or edit pages easily with copy and paste. It isn’t friendly to the end user because we aren’t able to do as we like on our end.

Q: Are there IT requirements? You can host this in the cloud?

A: It would need to be hosted. We would need hosting capabilities. We would be responsible for the content, but we would need to have this website redesigned and hosted.

Q: So the price should be inclusive of managed hosting, not just design and redevelopment?

A: Correct

Q: What is the time period?

A: One year, with 4 one-year options to renew.

Q: The RFP mentions pretty standard requirements for 2020 web best practice industry standards but mentions some integration. There are jobs hosted on some other websites, there is a survey on survey monkey. It probably just needs to link to. But you did mention something about scheduling zoom calls with job applicants. Can you expand on the requirement and how tightly integrated that might be with custom scheduling and workflow?

A: This is part of the vision we have for our website based on other websites that we have checked out across the country for different workforce boards. Some of them are very interactive. It isn’t a hard requirement, but it may be something we look to explore in the future.

Q: Is there an internal system you’re using for case management?

A: Yes, that would be CTHires.com. We would want to link to CTHires.com, CT State Department of Labor website is used for case management.

Q: Is there an expectation where this website directly integrates so that a job applicant or an employer can log in and enter a case number or have a profile, or is that what happens on CTHires and your website is purely information and links over to CTHires?

A: The latter. Because CTHires asks for personally identifiable information, we wouldn’t want anyone directly putting any of that into our website.

Q: So your website is more public and informational, but the most important thing is you’re getting this information to these different audiences in the most efficient way possible so they can navigate the system?

A: Correct. So as we now all live in this virtual world, we can’t have someone coming in to see what goes on in here. This would need to be the window to see if they qualify for services we offer, or what they need prior to making an appointment in our office.

Q: Are you working with an incumbent right now, or are you looking for a new relationship with an agency who can help manage and act as a partner over time?

A: We are working with an incumbent right now.

Q: To that end, if this is a combination of a one off redesign and a new modern easy to use CMS but it is a one year contract that can be renewed four times, should the budget include time to realize enhancements over time? Maybe in the beginning it facilitates the requests for appointments, but in year two it evolves to scheduling an appointment? Should it be budgeted for that type of relationship or is this just for the budget of hosting after it is redesigned?

A: This would be for the managed hosting once the site is redesigned. We aren’t sure what the state is doing with their functionality because there will be changes coming on the statewide level as well.

Q: Are you able to stay the budget you are working with or can you tailor it based on our proposal?

A: For the redesign and the first year hosting we are working with 10 to 12 thousand dollars.

Q: Do you have a target deadline? When you want to go live with the new design?

A: We would like to have the redesign done by the first of next year. Jan 2021.

Q: How soon is the awarded anticipation date?

A: The award date would be November 6.

Q: Do you have specific goals in mind for calls to action? Like getting email subscriptions, any in mind that you’re looking for?

A: We don’t have a newsletter for our end users, such as clients. It’s on their terms that they seek information. Keeping a calendar, if it had to be google calendar that’s fine but we want to see what other options we have. It would be nice for people to go to our website, enter their email and click to subscribe to a newsletter. A more streamlined way of sending out that information to people who want it, instead of creating lists and groups in our own emails.

Q: You noted that you currently create your own content. As part of the scope of work, do you anticipate us contributing to the content or you only want the ability to add?

A: We are open to new ideas for content for our website. All suggestions would be welcome.

Q: One of the things we discussed earlier in the call is acting like a partner in the project. Do you mean anything by that other than the scope of work listed in the RFP for the lifetime of this award?

A: No, there would not be additional work added to the RFP after the award.

Q: Advertising and paid search placement? Are you looking for suggestions on collecting your target audience or is this something to be included in the RFP?

A: We want to be able to have access to Google analytics, so we know what our searches look like. Not currently looking to budget dollars for marketing the website.

Q: For content, like publishing, are there approvals or workflows that you need? Or is it going to be a specific set of people that add and create?

A: We have a small staff, so 2 people are mainly responsible for the content posted. We may need one or two more users, but it would primarily be them adding and removing from the website.

Q: I don’t see the budget template online, where can I find it?

A: It is in the RFP section of our website.