Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are closed to the public until further notice.

The RFP for WIOA / JFES Case Management Services has been revised as of January 11, 2021.
Please see Request for Proposals section of the website for further information.

Staff Directory

Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board Staff

Catherine Awwad, Executive Director
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 426
Email: catherine.awwad@nrwib.org

Michael Hayden, Deputy Director
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 437
Email: michael.hayden@nrwib.org

Jim Amis Manager of Workforce Programs
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 441
Email: james.amis@nrwib.org

Gina Beechinor, Cost Accounting Clerk
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 447
Email: gina.beechinor@nrwib.org

Kevin Canady, CT Apprenticeship Initiative Project Manager
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 429
Email: kevin.canady@nrwib.org

Sharon Casey, Contract Monitor
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 433
Email: sharon.casey@nrwib.org

Cheryl Chasse, Contracts & Grants Manager
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 428
Email: cheryl.chasse@nrwib.org

Joe Diorio, YouthBuild Program Coordinator 
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 434
Email: joe.diorio@nrwib.org

Amy Fellows, Communications Manager
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 448
Email: amy.fellows@nrwib.org

Genny Fonseca, Director of Strategic Planning and Development
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 432
Email: genny.fonseca@nrwib.org

Steve Gray, JFES Coordinator
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 464
Email: steve.gray@nrwib.org

Angelica Heron, Director of Youth Programs 
Phone: (203)574-6971 ext. 466
Email: angelica.heron@nrwib.org

Cheryl Olmstead, Subsidized Employment Coordinator
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 459
Email: cheryl.olmstead@nrwib.org

Maryann Perugini, Administrative Aide
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 448
Email: maryann.perugini@nrwib.org

Angelo Santamaria, TechHire ITXpress Career Navigator
Phone: (203) 574-6971 ext. 465
Email: angelo.santamaria@nrwib.org

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